why go surfing

Why Go Surfing?

One may think that Surfing is only for extremists. Catching a wave, trying to balance yourself while standing on the Surfing Board, that sudden whip that the wave can bring you to sound all too difficult. But for some, it is a big challenge.

So why are so many people attracted to the sport? Here are several things that draw people to Surfing:

  • Surfing can be an outlet for anxiety and stress while enjoying nature at the same time.
  • Since Surfing is an individual sport, you get to decide for everything. You can surf at your own phase anywhere, anytime.
  • Since no two waves are the same, Surfing offers a unique experience every time you go out.
  • It is addictive. Imagine the thrill of catching and riding a big wave, and the exhilarating feeling you get afterward. You’d definitely want to keep beating that wave.
  • This is a great exercise. It works out your muscles especially those in the neck, shoulders, arms, and upper back.
  • It is a fun activity. There is no other feeling like standing up on a Surfboard and guiding it in a jumping, sliding rush across the glassy water. If you are a beginner, it will take time before you can catch a wave in an upright position. But once you are able to do stand up on your board, it’s worth all the effort.
  • Surfing enables you to visit different places around the world as you crave for different kinds of waves to catch.
  • Get to meet fellow surfers who share the same passion and love that you have for this extreme sport.

Those are some of the reasons why people ride waves. However, I’d say that you will not really be able to grasp what it feels like to surf until you’ve tried it. And before you know it, it won’t be long before you’re addicted to Surfing.