what is surfing

What is Surfing

Sun. Surf. Sand. These are the three words that surfers look forward to every time they are headed on a Surfing trip. Imagine rough waves, beautiful tropical waters, Surfing Maneuvers. But what exactly is Surfing?

Surfing is catching and riding waves on aboard. It is a water sport in which a surfer is carried by a breaking wave using a Surfboard toward the shore. The surfer lies on his/her stomach on the board and paddles out into the water. When a wave approaches, the surfer stands up on the board, glides down a breaking wave, using the weight of his or her body to steer the board. The objective is to stay standing on the board as long as possible. This gets harder and more challenging as the waves become bigger and powerful.

Surfers try to catch waves, some as high as 12 meters, depending on how good they already are. Although it is possible to surf on waves that are only 30 cm high, bigger waves provide a faster and powerful ride. Surfers begin by watching out for a ride able wave and then matching its speed.

There are many types of Surfing, including Body boarding and Body surfing. Likewise, there are many maneuvers and techniques that you can do while surfing.

Aside from Surfboards, Surfing can be done on knee boards, body boards, kayaks, surf skis, wave skis, and surf mat. Surfboards differ in sizes, shapes, and designs. Other pieces of Surf Gear include leash, surf wax, and fins.

Surf can be dangerous so make sure that you are a good swimmer or at least you know how to swim before trying this activity. The leash, which is attached at the ankle, will help reduce your chances of drowning but your safety must always be your top priority. Likewise, if you are a beginner, better surf in pairs or groups.

So if you are looking for something challenging and exciting, try Surf. But first, you need to know the essentials of the sport. Better yet, why not learn the sport in a surf school? Getting formal training will ensure a Safe Surfing experience. What are you waiting for? Let’s go Surfing!

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