The Top 5 Spots in Morocco

There are hundreds of surf spots in Morocco. Waves of reef breaks, beach breaks, tubes… There’s everything. We have selected the ones that we think are the most interesting. Our top five.


The wave of Safi is undoubtedly the one that feeds the most fantasies among the many spots in Morocco. The best-known surfers are rushing to be await their sessions. This treasure is one of the best waves in the world. It was discovered in the early 1980s by a certain Luc bra, who made it known to Henri Evans, who has done everything with his friends for years to keep it a secret. It is found at the entrance to the city, at the bottom of a cliff and a little hidden. This incredible straight is the twin sister of Supertubes at Jeffreys Bay in thicker and regular, but mostly from Kirra, on the Gold Coast in Australia. Safi works only during large swells and in winter it never stops. The tube is insane. There are several sections and tubing can last more than 15 seconds. There may be a strong current in the ebb tide and it caters to experienced surfers with a certain physical condition. It can be dangerous and violent because there is little background and can be rough. Be careful…


40 km north of Agadir is hiding Dracula. This wave takes its name from the rocks in the shape of teeth present under water. The sea urchins also invaded the spot. It is a hollow and powerful right of great beauty. But it asks for a confirmed level because it is particularly dangerous. The best sessions take place between May and October.

3. The tip of the anchors/killer/MYSTERIES/LA SOURCE

The tip of anchors, a pretty magical spot, is located in Agadir. A fish-packing plant was placed on a point and old anchors were dragging in that place, hence its name. It soon became a reference spot in Morocco. And, initially, the Australians stormed it. It’s a wave of rocks, and the swell goes back 30 to 40 meters in front of the tip. And the wave can unfold on 200-300 meters, with a nice tube section at the beginning. Today there are many people in the water, with several surf schools. The spot has become very touristy but it’s still amazing.

A little farther, within 1 km, is the wave of killer Point. There are fewer people in the water. It’s a big right with a big tube. The spot is beautiful, the water is blue, which is not always the case in Morocco (the water is often a murky blue from mixing with the sand). An experienced level is required at the Rocky Reef. And we can compare killer to Bells Beach.

Not to be missed also the waves of Mysteries, La Source, and the Boilers. Mysteries is a beautiful right not necessarily very hollow and that begins on a boulder. It’s a fast wave, ideal for making airs and maneuvers. La source is a very nice beach break with strips of rocks that advance into the sea. It runs well on the left and the right. And when there is not too much swell, Boilers is a perfect retreat spot. The wave is on a slab, it is a straight that tubes for 300 meters. There also needs to be a good skill level for these breaks.

4. Mehdia

Located 30 km north of Rabat, very close to the town of Kenitra, is Mehdia, a place well known for its military base. It is a nice beach break located on the edge of an estuary. There is good surfing, quite intense, at high tide and especially in summer. The wave is quite hollow, it tube on the right but there are openings on the left.


Sidi Kaouki is a small village typical of Morocco, south of Essaouira. In front of the large main beach, a small square with two surf-shops, some small restaurants/snacks. But also camels and donkeys… This spot is not necessarily the most interesting. It’s a pretty powerful shore break with a strong enough current. You have to go to a few hundred meters to the north to find waves of quality but not easy to access. The surf pioneers and the locals are seldom disturbed. There are the cave, the crown, and the bottle. Every wave has its peculiarities.


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