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What’s it like to surf in Morocco?

We wanted to find out more about what the surf is like in Morocco. So we checked in with Aziz Erraji .

Aziz answered some of our questions about the breaks in his area.

Where are you from originally?

Well, I’m a local, Moroccan Berbere. I was born in Agadir and I live in Tamraght which is 14 km to the north of Agadir. Tamraght is a Moroccan Berbere Surf village with small shops and beachfront cafes, from Tamraght village center to Devil’s Rock and Crocodile it takes 7 minutes walk (800 meters)

When did you start surfing?

I started surfing at age 12 and I have been teaching for more than 6 years.

If there’s a swell in town, what does a typical surf day look like for you? 

On a day without clients and no work to be done, and good conditions, I’ll go surfing first thing in the morning then I have a break and go back for a sunset session. It’s easy for me to find somewhere to surf because within 10 minutes drive I have about 11 spots….My favorite being Anchor pointDevil’s Rock and Croco, they’re the closest to home and my surf camp (2 minutes). When we have clients, we’re on the beach all day, teaching in the morning for 3 hours, then a lunch break and in the afternoon clients can practice under our supervision and advice. When they’re on their lunch break I’ll surf myself, or with them (it’s all about fun and sharing) and if I’m not too tired I’ll go for a sunset session.

What ages, genders, and skill levels of surfing do you see in the line-up on a typical day?

In the line up here you can see everything. Mainly male I’d say, aged between 12 and 50, shortboard, longboard, SUP, bodyboard. Level, well if you are in the line up it means you can stand or you’re learning to catch the greens.

How would you describe the crowd factor in the water on a typical day?

I have never seen it as crowded as some other places like in Bali, Australia, California, etc. But there are moments when it’s “busy”, that’s more the word I would use. But again we have so many spots within a few kilometers, so if you want to find a less crowded spot it’s always possible.

How would you describe the general attitude of surfers in the daily line-up?

For sure never aggressive, maybe territorial but always in a nice way. Here most locals speak French and English, so there’re loads of guys talking to each other in the water, meeting new people from around the world.

How do the local surfers feel about foreigners visiting to surf their break?

I’d say that in general Moroccans are very welcoming, kind and happy to see foreigners. Let’s not forget that tourism for a lot of people in our area is what puts bread on their tables, so they are very grateful.

What are your favorite local surf spots?

In order starting with my favorite: Anchor pointKiller pointMystery and Boilers

Where are the best places to surf for traveling surfers?

For traveling surfers, for a good level mix of beach breaks and reef breaks, I’d say Cathedral in Imsouane, Tamri, devil’s rock, Banana, Boilers. Then further down south, Mirleft, Aglou, Tifnit. The list is endless.

Where are the best places to surf for beginners?

Around Tamraght area, there is crocodile and 17 (as in Km17 on the road from Agadir to Essaouira) both are beach breaks.


When are the best seasons to surf in Morocco?

You can surf all year round, no problem.

For good surfers, I’d say from September/October to March/April. Summer will be from May to September.

For beginners, all year long. In the summer the waves are mellow and a lot of fun to learn on or practice to get better in easy conditions. 

Are there any times of the year when the waves are often flat for days on end?

Maybe in the summer but even we’re in the water surfing regardless… It’s all about having fun: SUP, longboard, sea kayak, etc…

Are sharks an issue in the region where you surf?

Nope, never heard of any shark attacks or anything like that.

Do you have any other tips or advice for surfers who want to come to visit?

Morocco is definitely a destination that should appeal to surfers, maybe not as exotic as some other places but for sure different: the culture, the food, the stunning scenery, the people. Just come visit and experience it and formulate your own opinion about it all.

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