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The main attraction in Taghazout and the surrounding area is of course riding the long waves which consistently comes towards the points, reefs and beaches along the coast here. The conditions are good for both beginners who want to learn surfing, advanced surfers who want a small challenge and experienced surfers looking for the perfect wave. For the beginners the surf house offers group lessons on the beach usually around Devil’s Rock (5 minute car ride from the surf house), which offers a good beach break during high-tide with both lefts and rights washing in on the beach. Advanced surfers may also find some joy in Devil’s Rock’s (you guessed it) right hand point break, which presents nice long ride from the point to towards the beach on mid- to low tide or Banana Point which is just a few minutes away or if you want to go for the bigger waves I recommend the ultra consistent beach break of Tamri, another village about 40 minutes with car from Taghazout. Experienced surfers looking for the ultimate waves will want to wait for the big swell to arrive at the world famous surf spot, Anchor Point, located about 2 kilometers from Taghazout this point break present you lines and lines of speed walls and cutback hooks and works great during all tides, except high-tide. If the conditions at Anchor Point are perfect it’s actually possible to ride one single wave from the point all the way to Taghazout beach (2 km!!). So if surfing is your passion or something you want to make into your passion Taghazout is the place to be!

All Inclusive Package
  • €49