Surf Towns in Morocco

If you want to go to Morocco surf town only for surfing, it is best to choose between the months of November and March.


The Moroccan capital of surfing is Taghazout surf town. It is a small fishing village situated about 19 km from Agadir. There are surfing enthusiasts not only from Europe but also from all over North Africa.

Sidi Kaouki

22 km from Essaouira – the town of windmills is situated a small town named Sidi Kaouki. In the winter season very strong winds blow. It is the perfect place for “putting” the first steps in surfing.


If the south of Agadir arouses your curiosity, then you will certainly have a weakness for Ifni, which is a former Spanish enclave where time seems suspended. It is located 160 km south of Agadir. Often regarded as the “Atlantic Gateway to the Sahara”, it is a true paradise for surfers.

Indeed, surfing in Ifni can be practiced on several spots, especially those of Legzira, or Mirleft.



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