Imsouane Surf

Another popular place among surfers is Imsouane. The perfect beach for beginners and intermediate surfers.  It is located 100 km north of the Agadir city. The surf in Imsouane includes two spots namely the REEF which is characterized by a hollow wave up to 5-6 meters high in winter; and the Bay (Paradise of the Longboarders), flat wave set over a length of more than 800 meters.

The region of Agadir is one of the best places to practice surfing in Africa. Every year attracts surfers from all over the world. They find each one, according to their levels and preferences of suitable spots.

Catching your first tiny tube:

And if you actually want to get your first small tube, Imsouane shore break is the perfect time to try it out or if you are brave enough, just go on the far right on a big swell day and get ready for some serious barrels!


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