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The Hammam is a very important part of the moroccan culture. The locals usually go to the hammam once a week to cleanse their skin and body and pick up on last days gossip with their friends and family.
Now you are ready to enter the sauna! This is like a normal sauna where the purpose is to sweat out all the toxins in your skin so you can get it washed of with a bucket of nice, ice cold water in the next room. Here you can also get someone to scrub your body from top to toe until the point where it feels softer than silk, when your skin has been scrubbed you can, for an extra fee get a massage. This is not for the easily frightened, because these ladies sure give you a rough treatment. Then you’re good to go back to the dressing room, get your clothes back on and enter the world as a refreshed, clean and stretched man or woman.

All Inclusive Package
  • €49